Posts February 2018

Setup a Kafka cluster with 3 nodes on CentOS 7

Apache Kafka is an open source distributed stream processing platform. From a high-level perspective, Kafka is a distributed messaging system that allows producers to send messages to a topic and consumers to read messages from a topic. Kafka is massively scalable and offers high throughput and low latency when operated in a cluster. This post explains how to set up a Kafka cluster consisting of 3 nodes for a development environment.

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Create a minimal CentOS 7 Virtual Box image for Java application deployment

When working on a server-side Java project, I usually prefer to use a virtual machine to run the application. This post shows an example how to set up a Virtual Box CentOS 7 image that can be used to deploy our applications. An image like this can also be used to install services the application requires, e.g. a MySQL database, a Kafka instance or a distributed Ignite cache. I decided to describe this task quite detailed as I will use a basic image like this for several posts in the future.

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